Lemonade…(I know summers over!)

I know summer is over..which is a sad realization for me..(Its my favorite season!) I LOVE Lemonade..in the summer all day long, its my go to drink! All summer long I kept making homemade lemonade, complete with homemade simple syrup, squeezing the lemons, etc. And even though there was nothing better than Iced Cold Lemonade on a very hot day, what a task to go through every time I had to make more, which trust me, was OFTEN. I drink it all day long, and I always homemade it so that it would be to my perfect sweetness! (Plus it’s just so much more delicious that way!)

However! I’m sure so many people have tried it, but for those who haven’t & love freshly squeezed lemonade as much as I do, there is a store-bought one that tastes just like those freshly squeezed lemons! (And oh so much easier!)

I bring you SIMPLY LEMONADE!!It’s delicious! I personally still add a little water to make it even less sweet, but even still, tastes just like fresh lemonade, it even has the lemon pulp! I was really hesitant on it for that one fact, (I hate pulp in my Orange Juice) but it’s actually totally fine in the lemonade! Use a straw & you barely feel the pulpy texture! 🙂

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Update: For those of you who really hate the pulp-Pour the lemonade through a sieve into another container. It takes 30 seconds and works perfectly. Eliminates all the pulp! If you don’t have a sieve, a coffee filter or cheese cloth would work just as well!


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