Phew! What a busy day! 8:30 and I’m finally just sitting down with my Talenti Gelato, listening to Aiden laughing while Drew is giving him a bath 🙂 What a sound xo Anyways, I learned a little lesson today: I can get SO MUCH done if I didn’t beebop in front of the computer every morning, while drinking coffee, looking at numerous food blogs for two hours! hah I did so much organizing today of clothes, our closets have officially been switched over from Summer to Fall, and they are so neat! Everything is in its correct place, folded perfectly, or hanging in the same direction…I wish it always looked that good! Needless to say, between that, four loads of laundry, and taking care of & playing with my little man, it took up most of my day..well, apart from making THE most delicious dinner!! (Seriously, you have to try it!)

I present to you…Maniladas!! A combination of Manicotti and Enchiladas…get it..Mani-ladas, ha! My favorite food ever is Mexican, followed with a close second by Italian..I don’t even think its second place…Mexican & Italian are 1a & 1b in my book! So when I came across this recipe..I HAD TO TRY IT! I ran out within the day to buy everything I needed for totally exceeded my expectations.

If you come into my house at any point of the day, any day of the week, The Food Network or The Cooking Channel  are playing..without a doubt. I constantly have them running…unless Drew sneaks in & changes it to ESPN! One of my favorites is Sunny Anderson! Everything I watch her make is mouth-watering & the best part, totally doable! So as I soon as I heard her say those two keys words ‘Italian & Mexican”, I was sold! I know it seems like it’s a different type of chicken alfredo, but TRUST ME, it tastes nothing like it! The Fontina cheese gives it a whole different flavor of amazing..and the tomatillo sauce is so savory, it’s a MUST! Drew & I kept going back for more..(not the healthiest meal, but it’s so worth it!) He was utterly impressed, as was I..this is a recipe keeper that I will make again & again! Whomever you share this with, will thank you!

Well I’m off to put the little guy down & to watch our Monday night lineup; How I met your mother & Two and a half men…(we’ll see if it’s any good without Charlie!) and on this particular Monday, we’re excited to watch the Charlie Sheen irony there at all. 😛 I hope you all had a fabulous Monday!!

Let me know what you think of these MANILADAS!!


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