New blog name…..

I’ve been thinking seriously for some time now about changing my blog name…I don’t really like the name ‘mommysmenu’ any longer..When I started this blog I did it because I really loved cooking, and thought it would be a fun place to document my recipes…I never thought it would turn out to be a place where I can share what is happening with my life, or to practice photography, which I am absolutely LOVING! The name mommysmenu doesn’t thrill me anymore, I feel like it doesn’t really fit what I’m trying to convey on a daily basis, and I would really love to change it to something I’m much more proud of…

My question for you all is, Would you follow me into the transition?! It would change my twitter name, Facebook name, and if by any chance I’m saved into your favorites, that would have to change too! I’m just looking for some opinions or advice…if youve ever changed your name, how did that affect your readers? Readers..would you still follow me?!

Thank you all for your advice!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



5 thoughts on “New blog name…..

  1. Alaina, I think it’s really cool what you do. You’re an interesting person 🙂 No matter what the name is, I think it’s the content and info that you share that makes your blog stand out. Pick a name, any name, I’m following for sure!!!

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